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Welcome to CC-Gin


Hi there, my name is Cara and I live in the Cotswolds near Cirencester.  I am passionate about horses, travel, cooking and gin, obviously, but most importantly life!

Let me take you back a couple of years...  A friend gave me a box of ripe plums and immediately I knew what to do...make fruit infused gin and vodka. This made wonderful Christmas gifts for friends and family.


The feedback I received was fabulous, everyone loved it, so in the new year I started infusing with different flavours and getting friends to taste!!  They gave me the thumbs up and so it all began.

I initially started with rhubarb and grapefruit, then various other flavours were introduced along the way, including blueberry, mango & passionfruit, blackberry & apple, raspberry, plum and damson.

Building up to the Christmas season I attended various fairs and private gin tastings and proved I was onto a winner. 

Watch this space!

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